About Us

About Us

Welcome to Orbital Projects South Pacific

Our Philosophy…

At Orbital Projects, we believe that our future advancement in space is dependent on the active encouragement of young people to pursue careers in science and space related fields. With increasing multinational collaboration in space exploration and the advent of private space enterprises, active participation in space exploration is a reality for people of all nationalities.

Utilizing one of the largest privately held archives of spaceflight information in Australia and the resources of the NASA Education and History programs, Orbital Projects aims to increase awareness of space exploration amongst young people through the provision of authoritative educational and outreach programs to schools, community, corporate and media outlets across Australia, the South Pacific and the United States.

Who we are…

Orbital Projects founder Scott Pooke is a Tasmanian born Space Historian who has comprehensively documented the history of the American space program specializing in the Apollo lunar landings and the Space Shuttle program.
Scott has undertaken eight extended study and lecture tours to research institutions and NASA facilities across the United States examining in detail every facet of America’s space program from its origins to the present day with a particular emphasis on Australia’s contribution to America’s achievements in space.

Through these tours, Scott has gained a unique insight into the inner workings of the NASA space program and a reputation for thoroughness in the field of spaceflight history.

Scott has traveled over 30,000 KM’s on Greyhound buses to locations across the United States documenting over 90% of America’s flown space hardware from the Vanguard satellite to the Space Shuttle and been granted special access to many original and historic space facilities.

In 2011, Scott traveled to the Kennedy Space Center to witness the final landing of Space Shuttle Discovery on STS 133 and the final roll out of Space Shuttle Endeavour on STS 134.

In December 2013, Scott traveled to the South Australian desert to find and document the Island Lagoon Tracking Station, NASA’s first Deep Space Tracking Station outside of the United States.

Selections of Scott’s images documenting America’s space history may be viewed in our Image Gallery.
Scott has conducted media interviews related to NASA activities for ABC Radio National, ABC Local radio, radio Australia, 4BC Brisbane, 6PR Perth, 2UE Sydney, the SEA FM Network, the BBC and KHOU CBS Television in Houston. In July 2012, Scott provided live commentary for the landing of the Curiosity Rover on the Martian surface to radio audiences across Australia and New Zealand. A selection of previous interviews is available in our sound Gallery.

Scott can be heard regularly on the state-wide Afternoon show with Helen Shield on 936 ABC Hobart.

How can Orbital Projects help you?

For the Mediaimgp0665
Looking for analysis of a breaking space news story or background material to any aspect of space exploration? With our network of information sources in the United States and around the world and extensive on air presentation experience in radio and television, Orbital Projects provides the most concise accurate and authorative analysis of events in space as they unfold.

For Schools,

Orbital Projects can tailor an exciting interactive educational program related to any aspect of manned spaceflight and planetary exploration suited to any level of education from Pre-School to mature age students. Contact us to discuss your requirements

For Community Groups

From our earliest space missions to the Moon landings, the shuttle and missions to the outer planets, space exploration has many wonderful yet untold stories. Orbital Projects can devise a fun and nostalgic look at our endeavors in space for your next gathering. Contact us today.

This website is the culmination of 30 years research and study in the field of space exploration. All materials contained on this site have been produced by Orbital Projects unless otherwise noted.

Please enjoy your visit to this site and check back often. Our site first went live on July 20th 2014, the 45th anniversary of the first manned landing on the Moon. Please check out the new images being added daily to the image gallery providing a complete overview of American space history.