Are you curious to know more about developments in space exploration?

Are you seeking the most accurate analysis of current and historic space flight activities from an authoritative Australian source for your radio or television audience?

Are you looking for an exciting way to stimulate the astronauts of tomorrow with an exciting space flight presentation for your school? We can customize a program to suit any age or curriculum utilizing our in-house archive and the resources of the NASA education program.

We can create presentations for your social club or community group related to any aspect of the age of space Exploration from the earliest days of Project Mercury to the Apollo missions and outwards to the manned exploration of Mars.

Orbital Projects draws on an archive comprising in excess of 5000 documents, 1100 volumes and 200 hours of audio visual and film resources to cater for all needs.

With 30 years of expertise in spaceflight research and experience in radio and television commentary, Scott Pooke and Orbital Projects can meet any circumstance in the understanding of the constantly evolving field of space exploration.

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